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Our multi-disciplinary team

Meet the team

Our team bring together expertise from a diverse range of professional and technical backgrounds, which are critical to properly understanding and managing climate change risks and opportunities your organisation is exposed to.

Founding Director

Risk, Financial Management, Governance and Strategy

Data and Analytics, Engineering, Asset Management and IT

Principal Advisor

Founding Director

Legal and Policy, Systems Design and Stakeholder Engagement

Principal Advisor

Legal Liability, Treaty of Waitangi, Climate Adaptation Policy and Law

Data and analytics, surveying and geo-tech

Led by Sam, we are backed by a highly capable team of data and analytics, geo-tech and surveying specialists, who provide the collective expertise and technology required to:

Identify, gather, verify:

Scenario model:

Monitor and evaluate:

The data needed to reliably identify each client's climate risk exposure and assess its actual and potential impact on their organisation

Model and stress test the climate risk exposure specific to each client, and assess the impacts of the identified risk exposure over time.

Monitor and evaluate the efficacy of adaptation and mitigation measures in real time.

Collaboration with external experts

When the specific demands of a project require, we identify and bring in the right specialist expertise from trusted external providers and incorporate them into a single and collaborative onepointfive-led team.

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