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We are a consulting and technology company established to help you navigate the climate change risks and opportunities that increasingly pervade the world we operate in 

About us

Our new world

The risks and opportunities posed by the physical effects of climate change and efforts to transition to a low carbon future are now of a magnitude that cannot be ignored.

“If some companies and industries fail to adjust to this new world, they will fail to exist”*

Climate related risk exposure

Impact on the organisation 

Organisations are increasingly exposed to physical and transition climate risks that in turn generate a range of knock on liability and financial risks. 

Climate related risks can have significant adverse impacts on the affected organisation, but  may also lead to valuable opportunities. 

Want to know more?

Navigating our new world

To survive in this new world, organisations must understand what climate related risks they are exposed and how to best minimise the impact those climate risks can have on the business. To achieve this in practice, each organisation must be able to:

Successfully navigating this new world of climate related risks and opportunities demands a novel but essential mix of specialist capability, technology and tools. 

If we are to achieve this at the scale and speed required to successfully adapt to physical and transition impacts of climate change, this "essential mix" of climate risk management ingredients must be readily accessible and user-friendly. This is why our service model centres on:

helping clients develop the internal capability they need to manage their climate risks without relying on costly external support; 

providing much of our climate risk management processes and user-friendly supporting tools on a open-source basis; and

developing scalable technology based tools that reduce the cost and difficulty of assessing and tracking climate risk and opportunities.







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